Smersh Side Special: Nomads with Andy Stanton

It’s the last Side Special of the series! This week we are tackling the awful problem of homeless ghosts that are plaguing communities. Can we help them by hitting them and swearing at them in French? Let’s find out. Yes – it’s Nomads! Joining John to take erotic photographs and do the best French accent ever, is author of the amazing Mr. Gum books, as well as many others, Andy Stanton.

Smersh Side Special: Hell Drivers with Samira Ahmed

It’s side special time again and this week we’ll be driving like bloody maniacs, smoking roll-ups and flouting European Union Health and Safety laws while wearing donkey jackets. Yes – it’s Hell Drivers.

And joining John to “do it for Geno, ah?” (and back by popular demand), is broadcaster and journalist Samira Ahmed, who can be found on Twitter as @SamiraAhmedUK

Smersh Side Special: Shout at the Devil with Andrew Male

It’s Side Special time again, and this week we explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Zanzibar, while also drinking heavily and sending a bill to the German authorities – Yes! It’s Shout at the Devil.

Joining John to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage is senior associate editor of Mojo, and freelance arts journalist Andrew Male, who can be found on Twitter as @Andr6wmale

Side Special: Bullseye LIVE!

Smersh Live!! They said it couldn’t be done! They said it wouldn’t be done! They said they weren’t arsed! Yet they still came to the Everyman Cinema, Kings Cross to watch Michael Winner’s 1990 opus Bullseye! and enjoy a live podcast! Yes, it’s a film we covered before, but it sure made for a great screening, and everyone who attended will almost certainly never be the same again. Joining John were Paul Litchfield and David Reed, who can be found on Twitter as @MrPLitchfield and @MrDavidReed respectively