The 24 Best Bond films

A boring wrestling match between a dull action film, and a Marvel movie. A waste of everyone’s time.

23.Dr. No
Perhaps not fair being down this low, what with it being the first, but I don’t really enjoy it.

22.The Man With The Golden Gun
Weird, too long and baffling in places (starting with the theme).

21.Quantum of Solace
A big old mess of a Bourne fan film.

20.From Russia With Love
I love Red Grant and the train sequence, but don’t really care for the rest.

It’s just not a Bond film. It’s a drama about midlife crisis.

18.You Only Live Twice
Fun, but waaaaay too long and slow.

17.For Your Eyes Only
The morning after the Moonraker party.

16.Die Another Day
Having rewatched all of the Bond films again for the pod, I feel Die Another Day gets an unfair rap. It’s badly made and stupid, but it has so much
fun packed inside it (would be higher in list were it not for Jinx).

15.The World is Not Enough
Wasted potential in every department. Bland.

Two film plots fighting each other and neither winning.

13.Tomorrow Never Dies
The best opening gunbarrel combo of all of them. Loads of fun, but falls apart in third act.

12.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Beautifully shot, written, scored – but not acted.

11.Diamonds are Forever
Weird in a good way. Have so much fun with this film.

Yes, the underwater sequence is SOOOOO LOONG, but I really like this one.

9.A View to a Kill
A proper comedy. So much fun in every department.The first one I saw at the cinema.

8.Casino Royale
Just brilliant (until the last 30 mins).

A classic for a reason.

6.Live and Let Die
Amazing soundtrack and Rog kicking the door down in style.

A perfect Bond film. If only they were made like this now?

4.The Living Daylights
The Daltz arrives, he headbuts and he takes names (though ending is too long).

A massive bowl of camp fun.

2.Licence to Kill
Bond does gritty 80s action. Love it so much because it is so different.

1.The Spy Who Loved Me
Objectively it is the perfect Bond film – ticks every single box with style.

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